Strengthening the Urban Fabric: CityStudio Ottawa Welcomes Carleton University & Algonquin College

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Vancouver, BC, Canada – CityStudio Global is delighted to announce the expansion of our partners in CityStudio Ottawa. The University of Ottawa’s Community Engagement and Employability Team and Faculty of Medicine, and the City of Ottawa, welcome Algonquin College and Carleton University into their experiential learning initiative. Since its inception, CityStudio Ottawa has been making waves in the nation's capital. 

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By including organizations with different areas of expertise and a focus on various aspects of urban life, CityStudio Ottawa will now tackle a broader range of issues and explore new project based learning opportunities that would benefit the greater community. The expansion of our partner network signals a significant step in our journey to create a better, more sustainable, inclusive, joyfull, and equitable future for the Ottawa region. 

Duane Elverum, Executive Director and Co-Founder of CityStudio, shared, ”Congratulations to the whole team at CityStudio Ottawa. This expansion is well-timed to counter the troubling decrease in youth civic engagement across our country. CS Ottawa is showing us all how students and schools can have important, meaningful, and ongoing roles helping to improve the quality of lives in our cities.”

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As we move forward, CityStudio Ottawa will continue to facilitate innovative projects, support academic research, and encourage creative collaborations that make a tangible impact on Ottawa's urban landscape. This expansion of partners strengthens our resolve and deepens our potential for positive change in the city.

CityStudio Ottawa's expansion of partners is a testament to the growing influence and impact of our global network. As we welcome new partners who share our vision for a brighter urban future, we look forward to a new era of creative collaboration, innovation, and sustainable urban development in the nation's capital. CityStudio Global is extremely proud and excited about this news, and we invite all those who share our passion for shaping better cities to join us on this exciting journey. Together, we can turn dreams into realities and continue building a brighter, more sustainable future for Ottawa and beyond.

Read more about the CityStudio Ottawa expansion in the Carleton Newsroom and this blog post from Algonquin College.

Saying Goodbye to Two Valued Partners

It is with mixed emotions that we announce the departure of two beloved members from our network — CityStudio Bendigo, and CityStudio Logan. As early adopters, these two Australian CityStudios have been instrumental in helping us develop the CityStudio model, while transforming their cities towards becoming more sustainable, inclusive, joyful and equitable. As they take their leave, let's take a moment to celebrate their remarkable journey and accomplishments.

CityStudio Bendigo: A Creative Hub in Regional Victoria

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Our first international partner took on the mission of making Bendigo a more liveable location for all [1]. CityStudio Bendigo has been a shining example of how innovation and community engagement can thrive while empowering students to become urban leaders. CityStudio Bendigo has been instrumental in launching projects that directly benefit the local community, from urban beautification initiatives and sustainable development plans, to exploring active forms of transportation across Bendigo. CityStudio Bendigo’s commitment to fostering local talent and addressing regional challenges has left a lasting impact. While they may be leaving our network, their spirit of innovation and community involvement will continue to inspire us all. Let’s look back at Small Talk, a CityStudio Bendigo project with the mission to connect diverse communities through dialogue in order to affect positive change in Bendigo. [3

CityStudio Logan: Leading sustainable initiatives from innovation to implementation

CityStudio Logan logo

CityStudio Logan, situated in Southeast Queensland, has played a pivotal role in driving change. Their dedication to sustainable urban development and inclusivity has left an indelible mark. CityStudio Logan has been at the forefront of promoting green projects and sustainable urban planning. Their commitment and path to implementation has set an example for CityStudios everywhere. As CityStudio Logan bids farewell, their legacy continues to influence urban development in Southeast Queensland. Let’s look at the accomplishments of the MiniFarm Project, a project that will continue independently after CityStudio Logan concludes its operations. 

Although we bid farewell to CityStudio Bendigo and CityStudio Logan, we are excited to see the impact their alumni and projects will continue to have in their respective regions. We are grateful for their dedication and the invaluable contributions they've made to our global network. As we move forward, CityStudio Global remains committed to fostering innovation, collaboration, and positive change in cities around the world. We look forward to new partnerships, opportunities, and the continued growth of our network. 

Thank you, CityStudio Bendigo and CityStudio Logan, for your outstanding work!

Your legacy will live on in the cities you've helped shape, and your spirit will forever be a part of the CityStudio network

CityStudio Training now available in French

CityStudio Training now available in French

Vancouver, BC – CityStudio Global is very pleased to announce the launch of our Project Coordinator Training Program in French

This exciting course is designed to prepare future Francophone coordinators in matching, scoping and managing projects within the CityStudio cycle. We hope this accomplishment paves the way for enhanced connections with french speaking communities, both locally and globally. This expansion opens up avenues for cross-cultural exchange and better equips us to address the complex challenges of modern city building.  If you are a passionate project leader driven by desire to match city problems with innovative solutions, this program is tailor-made for you. 

Why Become a Project Coordinator?

Project Coordinators are at the heart of each CityStudio. They are the facilitators of change at the local level. They coordinate stakeholder relations to ensure students get to work on tangible projects that have a direct impact on their community. At the same time, they ensure that city staff get the support needed from academic partners, and professors incorporate project based learning opportunities in the academic offering. This training, available in English and French, will equip Project Coordinators with the skills needed to successfully manage urban initiatives, engage the community, and collaborate with diverse stakeholders.

How to Enroll:

Learn more about the modules in our Project Coordinator Training here. To enroll in CityStudio's Project Coordinator Training course, contact CityStudio Global at [email protected]

We are eager to work with a new generation of passionate leaders who will shape the future of our cities. Join us on this exciting journey and contribute to creating more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable cities. For more information visit our website:

La formation CityStudio maintenant disponible en Français

CityStudio Global est très heureux d'annoncer le lancement de notre programme de formation de coordonnateur de projet en français!

Ce cours passionnant est conçu pour préparer les futurs coordinateurs francophones à l'appariement, à la cadrage et à la gestion de projets au sein du cycle CityStudio. Nous espérons que cette réalisation ouvrira la voie à des liens renforcés avec les communautés francophones, tant au niveau local que mondial. Cette expansion ouvre des voies d’échange interculturel et nous permet de mieux relever les défis complexes de la construction de villes modernes. Si vous êtes un porteur de projet passionné, animé par le désir d'associer les problèmes de la ville à des solutions innovantes, ce programme est fait sur mesure pour vous.

Pourquoi devenir coordinateur de projet ?

Les coordinateurs de projet sont au cœur de chaque CityStudio. Ils sont les facilitateurs du changement au niveau local. Ils coordonnent les relations avec les parties prenantes pour garantir que les étudiants travaillent sur des projets concrets qui ont un impact direct sur leur communauté. Dans le même temps, ils veillent à ce que le personnel municipal reçoive le soutien nécessaire de la part des partenaires universitaires et que les professeurs intègrent des opportunités d'apprentissage par projet dans l'offre académique. Cette formation, disponible en anglais et en français, dotera les coordonnateurs de projet des compétences nécessaires pour gérer avec succès des initiatives urbaines, impliquer la communauté et collaborer avec diverses parties prenantes.

Comment s'inscrire :

Apprenez-en davantage sur les modules de notre formation de coordinateur de projet ici. Pour vous inscrire au cours de formation de coordinateur de projet de CityStudio, contactez CityStudio Global à [email protected]

Nous sommes impatients de travailler avec une nouvelle génération de dirigeants passionnés qui façonneront l’avenir de nos villes. Rejoignez-nous dans ce voyage passionnant et contribuez à créer des villes plus durables, inclusives et équitables. Pour plus d'informations, visitez notre site Web :