Alix Linaker

Alix is CityStudio Global's Business Development Lead. She is a high-level thinker and creator, and is responsible for launching, scaling, and maintaining the CityStudio Network, both nationally and internationally.

Alix completed her Master’s of Global Business, in which she fortified her knowledge of collaborations between diverse stakeholders. She honed her ability to work with individuals and groups from a broad range of environments, regardless of their origins of difference being individual, cross-sectoral, intercultural, or cross-border. She has several years of experience conducting social enterprise feasibility studies, as well as coordinating collective impact and network-based initiatives. Her curiosity about the intersection of higher education and social innovation led her to work at several post-secondary institutions. Alix co-chaired a volunteer chapter of Acumen, an impact investing non-profit that invests in social entrepreneurs tackling global poverty. She holds a BBA Hons. from Simon Fraser University, as well as Community Economic Development and Kinesiology Certificates.

When Alix is not working in social enterprise, she dabbles in scenic and portrait photography. On the weekend she can be found hiking in the mountains with her dog, Hershey.