We unite CityStudios around the world to learn from each other and support each of them in their mission.

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A growing number of municipalities across the world have adopted or been inspired by the CityStudio model. 
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Member Benefits
Beyond the benefits your stakeholders will receive, becoming a CityStudio also provides the following benefits:
Established Brand
The CityStudio brand has been around for a decade and is continuing to grow nationally and globally through the launch of new CityStudios.
Training + Support
CityStudio is your one-stop-shop. Get a starter-pack of materials, customized training, and documented processes and standards, as well as ongoing support for all your CityStudio needs.
Network Engagement
Connect into an instant community of like-minded peers through our online member platform, a place to learn and collaborate with one another, strengthening our collective civic impact.
Online Community
Coming soon!
See the CityStudio Network in Action! Explore exciting projects from around the world, and learn more about each CityStudio in our Network.

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