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Learn About Our Model

CityStudio is an award-winning, transferable partnership model between a municipal government and their local academic institution(s).

Develop Local Partnerships

Strong commitments from municipal and academic leadership and trusting partnerships are key to the success of your CityStudio.

Sign Up and Let’s Build!

The subscription agreement clearly outlines how we will achieve success together.

  1. Review and sign the subscription agreements.
  2. Get your starter package.
  3. Join the CityStudio Network.
  4. Let us onboard and train the CityStudio Projects Coordinator.
Start Working on Projects

The CityStudio model revolves around an annual cycle that begins with a project development workshop that leads to community-based projects, the HUBBUB project showcase, and project evaluation.

  1. Your local CityStudio Projects Coordinator scopes, develops, and hosts projects 
between municipal staff and academic faculty and students.
  2. The HUBBUB showcases projects and engages students, municipal staff, 
elected officials, and community members.
  3. We’ll help you share your projects to a global audience.
  4. We provide templates for the reporting projects and metrics to the entire Network.
Grow your CityStudio

The CityStudio Network will support you with training, knowledge exchange, one-on-one mentorship and advising, as well as troubleshooting.

  1. Share and showcase your projects and activities.
  2. Connect with a global network of CityStudio coordinators to share learning and increase your impact.
  3. Join webinars, workshops, and discussions with the CityStudio Network.
We Provide
We’re here to provide coaching and support to help you within your local context.
A CityStudio subscription includes everything you need to set up, build, launch, and operate your CityStudio, including logos, starter documents, templates, training, and membership in the CityStudio Network.
Our Brochure
We invite you to share our brochure with your colleagues and potential collaborators or invite us to present to local stakeholders.
Start A Studio FAQs

This can take from a few months to up to a year or more depending on your readiness. Steps 1 and 2 of our 5-Step process (from interest to licence) tend to take about a year, but it depends on how established the relationships and collaborations are between the municipality and the academic institution. The launch record is four months. Once we understand your readiness we can provide a realistic timeline for you.

Once you’ve received your membership and licence, you can immediately begin hiring for your CityStudio Projects Coordinator. Training and onboarding of the Projects Coordinator will take up to a few months. From there, you can begin sourcing project ideas from the municipal staff and connecting with relevant academic stakeholders. We offer a suggested Annual Cycle to provide more guidance on this.

There are two costs: Set up costs and Ongoing Costs. Set up includes your subscription fees, licence, and training. Ongoing costs include staffing, space, and operations (including office costs, event costs, and marketing and communications).

In terms of the subscription fees, we have a tiered structure to make our offering accessible to variously-sized municipalities and schools. Please get in touch with us to learn more about how we do this.

A new CityStudio can be funded in a variety of ways. The key principle is that it is a collaborative funding model with a combination of cash and in-kind contributions from all of the key partners, including the municipality, the school(s), and potentially additional community partners, such as non-profit organizations. We suggest that when starting out, you secure financial commitments to last you the first 3 years, so that you’re able to adequately build your CityStudio.

Once you and your partners are ready and have signed the subscription agreements, we will provide you with the following: Bespoke coaching to help you get set up; Training and certification for your CityStudio Projects Coordinator; the Brand package with your new CityStudio logo; a suite of templates to help you get set up quickly; your login to the CityStudio Network member-only online community; and assistance with building and amplifying your launch announcement.

Our agreements are five years in length, and renewable thereafter.

Yes, inclusiveness is a core principle of the model. You are more than welcome to include any/all of the academic institutions within your area.

Yes, there are ways to do this and we have examples within our network. Please reach out to discuss the details of your context.

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