Saying Goodbye to Two Valued Partners

September 27, 2023

It is with mixed emotions that we announce the departure of two beloved members from our network — CityStudio Bendigo, and CityStudio Logan. As early adopters, these two Australian CityStudios have been instrumental in helping us develop the CityStudio model, while transforming their cities towards becoming more sustainable, inclusive, joyful and equitable. As they take their leave, let's take a moment to celebrate their remarkable journey and accomplishments.

CityStudio Bendigo: A Creative Hub in Regional Victoria

CityStudio Bendigo Logo

Our first international partner took on the mission of making Bendigo a more liveable location for all [1]. CityStudio Bendigo has been a shining example of how innovation and community engagement can thrive while empowering students to become urban leaders. CityStudio Bendigo has been instrumental in launching projects that directly benefit the local community, from urban beautification initiatives and sustainable development plans, to exploring active forms of transportation across Bendigo. CityStudio Bendigo’s commitment to fostering local talent and addressing regional challenges has left a lasting impact. While they may be leaving our network, their spirit of innovation and community involvement will continue to inspire us all. Let’s look back at Small Talk, a CityStudio Bendigo project with the mission to connect diverse communities through dialogue in order to affect positive change in Bendigo. [3

  • Small Talk prototyped the use of dialogue processes in the Hargreaves Mall development so that its ‘Lantern’ structures could be utilized as a public asset that facilitates cultural dialogue in the heart of the City of Bendigo. Through creative and inclusive activation practices, students David Maras & Lachlan Saunders hope to lay the foundations for a thriving precinct in the city that will bring joy and engagement to all members of the community. 

CityStudio Logan: Leading sustainable initiatives from innovation to implementation

CityStudio Logan logo

CityStudio Logan, situated in Southeast Queensland, has played a pivotal role in driving change. Their dedication to sustainable urban development and inclusivity has left an indelible mark. CityStudio Logan has been at the forefront of promoting green projects and sustainable urban planning. Their commitment and path to implementation has set an example for CityStudios everywhere. As CityStudio Logan bids farewell, their legacy continues to influence urban development in Southeast Queensland. Let’s look at the accomplishments of the MiniFarm Project, a project that will continue independently after CityStudio Logan concludes its operations. 

  • The MiniFarm Project at Loganlea High School was launched in May 2023 as a partnership between Logan City Council, Loganlea State High School, The Mini Farm Project, Griffith University, and CityStudio Logan. The goal was to create a suburban farm on the school grounds that would provide students at Loganlea the opportunity to learn about food sustainability and farming. Half of the farm plots are sponsored by local businesses and organizations and the harvested food is donated to charities that feed Logan families in need. [4

Although we bid farewell to CityStudio Bendigo and CityStudio Logan, we are excited to see the impact their alumni and projects will continue to have in their respective regions. We are grateful for their dedication and the invaluable contributions they've made to our global network. As we move forward, CityStudio Global remains committed to fostering innovation, collaboration, and positive change in cities around the world. We look forward to new partnerships, opportunities, and the continued growth of our network. 

Thank you, CityStudio Bendigo and CityStudio Logan, for your outstanding work!

Your legacy will live on in the cities you've helped shape, and your spirit will forever be a part of the CityStudio network

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